Top Oud Fragrances at Dhamma Perfumes

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Oud is one of the most expensive raw materials in the world when it comes to using it in fragrances. Like many rare and precious materials, oud takes a long time to develop naturally. It's not something that can simply be planted and plucked, like so many other fragrances notes. Oud takes time to "cook," so to speak. Certain natural circumstances need to convene for it to form within the aquilaria tree, a species of evergreens native to Southeast Asia. 

Oud is considered as black gold in middle east countries as it is found there in huge amounts and sold heavily all over the world for the making of strong fragrances. A few years back, a lot of perfumes started using this exquisite element in their fragrances inspired by international perfumes. These perfumes in Pakistan are expensive but finally in demand by perfume collectors. Dhamma Perfumes provides a unique selection of original Oud fragrances at their platforms manufactured in Dubai. 

These 5 fragrances are top Oud fragrances at Dhamma perfumes blended with different rare elements to give a divine experience.


Aoud Sepahan is an all-rounder and can be worn in any season, though it’s best for wearing in Summer. It can also be worn for any event, at any time during the day or night.  


The design itself gives the luxury vibes with gold colour. The perfume starts with Saffron notes with the heart notes of agarwood giving the right blend of floral and out combination. The closing notes include musk giving it a smooth finishing. This fragrance is best in winter. Perfect for the office and any special event at night.


It harnesses all the noticeable qualities of pure tobacco but still feels like Oud and wearable at many events. While we think it’s great as is, the combination of amber and roses with it gives a good finishing. It's a good choice for you if you love Oud fragrances Qisat al Oud by Dhamma Perfumes is a luxury styled fragrance for all year long.


Oud Overdose is truly a magnificent fragrance. The intoxicating and a bit pungent oud is the showstopper of the perfume.  Oud Overdose is extremely well performing in winters. You can use this fragrance at night parties and wedding events.


Inspired by the oriental fragrances from middle eastern culture, Oud Khas has a complex olfactive profile. It  is a perfect fragrance for all year long and can be used for hangouts and events.

All the fragrances are available at Dhamma Perfumes Pakistan always at best price with long lasting effect. Follow our page @dhammaperfumespk for more updates