Top 10 Summer Fragrances at Dhamma Perfumes

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Let's talk about the best summer fragrances at Dhamma Perfumes which will take you to the refreshing experience of beachy vacations. What makes a fragrance summer worthy? Depends on many factors including the fact that summer perfumes are more airy than warm weather appropriate perfumes. Also, summer perfumes are inspired more by the notes of fresh elements like jasmine, saffron, bergamot, orange blossom, vanilla, amber and lemon etc. They give very light and breezy vibes scents make more sense in summer because fragrance acts differently on skin when the climate changes: because perfume lasts longer on hydrated skin and diffuses more in humidity, more concentrated and potent potions can seem overwhelming when the mercury rises. Following fragrances are some of the best summer selections at Dhamma Perfumes:

Floral Satin:

Floral Satin by Dhamma Perfumes creates an unexpectedly rich white floral scent on the skin. Inspired by the delicacy of Gucci Bloom, Floral Satin is just as light and sweet. It is one of the best sellers at our website & kiosks and loved by women most.


If you're the type of person who wants summer to be year-round, I'm pretty sure Veil by Dhamma Perfumes will be up your alley. For a rich and dramatic fragrance, this one is a good option for you. A combination of lemon and orange notes makes it super topical-beachy. 


Nostalgic and described as capturing the sun in a state of summer bliss, Hint opens with a saturated concentration of neroli, before showing its softer side achieved with Orange Blossom, Jasmine and Rose. It is one of the most refreshing scents at Dhamma perfumes.


One of the closest to Jasmine essence. Bloom is heavenly inspired by the garden in summertime. A perfume with an incredible power of attraction, an elixir with an intoxicating floral scent, a signature scent of absolute seduction.


Damsel is quite a modern scent which most people find to be very pleasing. This perfume conjures up this picture in one’s mind: enjoying a Pina colada in tropical rain and warm weather, waiting for the rain to pass. Damsel is currently being sold the most at our kiosks by women.

Arofac- Naive:

Naive is a mixture of citrus & floral scent. The combination of these two popular scents is a winning game. The combination of sweet, floral notes with tangy, citrusy undertones creates a fragrance that is both elegant and fresh. Naive is men’s favorite citrusy scent with a long lasting effect.

Love Kill:

Love Kill by Aro-Fac has a fascinating, powerful and profound scent. It is animalic, an alpha masculine scent. This is created for someone who has the confidence to pull it off. It gives an extra touch to the personality of the wearer and is exceptionally long lasting in summer than all the seasons. 


If the height of summer in Southern France had a signature scent, it would absolutely be Rhythm. It harnesses all the sweet, seductive qualities of pure jasmine but still feels light and wearable. The fragrance is such a good touch on western scents. 

Imperial Classique: 

Imperial Classic by Dhamma Perfumes is just as royal as it's name. It gives a very subtle and classy statement with it's scent. It has a beautiful combination of cinnamon and orange as the main accord. The citrusy effect is balanced well with Rose and Bergamot.


One of the wonderful things about using honey in a fragrance is its wonderful ability to elevate other ingredients, especially florals and fruits. Twilight is one of the best fragrances with sweetness of honey in it for your innocent like personality.

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