Perfumes under 3,000 Rs in Pakistan at Dhamma Perfumes

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Dhamma Perfumes brings the Selection of Irresistible scents. You can find a large collection of fragrances under RS.3000 on our website in Pakistan. With over 200 products on our website, we carry a product for everyone so it is impossible for you not to find your desired product. We have men's fragrances and women fragrances in original scents. Moreover, there is a huge collection of unisex perfumes for perfume collectors at Dhamma Perfumes Website.

Our brand is always known for giving the best quality fragrance at affordable pricing. In Pakistan, there are barely any original perfume brands who are providing the service of selling original perfumes in 100ml amounts for less than 3,000 Rs. Therefore, Dhamma brings you some of the best original scents in less than 3,000 Rs as follows:

BREED COLLECTION (Black Spice, Floral Satin & Silk Water)
DHAMMA PERFUMES (Zebre Intenso, Noor, L'eau)
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CHAOS (Mayhem, Tremor, Riot & all perfumes of this collection)
PURE (Pure, Urge, Rove & Epic)
All these fragrances are under 3,000 Rs only at Dhamma Perfumes. You can visit us at our website or any location in Karachi; We have store locator on the website so you can visit at anywhere nearest your own location  whenever you want. Only Dhamma Perfumes can provide such a long lasting selection of scents in such an affordable price in Pakistan.