Our Logo

We're on a big journey of change! Wondering why? Let us tell you about it:

Not long ago, we all thought about something important together. We realized that fragrance is more than just a nice smell; it's like a strong feeling, connecting to deep emotions.

This thinking made us want to change together. So, we went from Dhamma to AMD – the Legacy by Abdul Mateen Dhamma. Since 1960 in Dubai, our story now has a name that's easier to remember, going along with our rich history.

Not just the name, our colors also changed from fancy purple to calm teal green. Why teal? It means healing, friendliness, energy, clear thinking, creativity, and calm – the heart of AMD.

Our logo now stands proudly in the top-left corner, showing we're all in for clear connections.

Cheers to the new times, where our old story mixes with the new AMD story.

Thanks for being with us on this big journey!

The AMD Team